We're Obsessed With This College Hoops Team That Only Launches Threes, Cherry Picks On Defense And Has Given Up An AVERAGE Of 161 Points Per Game

So yesterday Murray State dropped 173 points, which sounds like an insane number. Shit even with the circumstances it still is. But that's not the story here. The story here is Greenville University, who has become America's team. Shit 173 doesn't sound that crazy when you see what they did in their other 2 games: 

What might be even better though are the highlights: 

It's the old Grinnell College theory. Try to outscore your opponent and play this system that makes zero sense. They believe in more possessions, more threes and they'll outscore you. I guess it works. They won 14 games last year. They even had a winning record! 

This is really what makes college basketball the best though. We get this random shit early in the season every year and it always blows peoples minds. Who cares if they are getting their ass kicked? Guess what Twitter is talking about. Greenville basketball. Everyone wants to see Greenville play now. 

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