Are Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy Still Employed By The Bears?

It's Monday morning. I'm in an NYC hotel bed preparing for a highly anticipated snake draft featuring Rear Admiral and I'm pretty sure Twitter is broken... or time has frozen.... or President Trump finally figured out a way to stop the news cycle.... because I swear to god I have not seen a single tweet or article saying the Bears have parted ways with their GM and head coach.

That cannot be true though, right? I mean there's NO WAY the Bears are still employing the dude who picked Mitch Trubisky at #2, gave $30MM guaranteed to a dude who's been a GHOST on the DL this year even though the OL needed a ton of augmentation last offseason, or the dude who whiffed on Kevin White, Leonard Floyd and the hiring of his head coach?

Nah. None of that can be true. No competent organization would let this embarrassment continue. The Bears have lost 5 in a row and just got dismantled on national TV by their arch nemesis coming off a bye week. No shot the guy that built this roster still has a job, and on top of that, there's no way the guy who calls the plays used to call the plays has a job either. 

There's just NO WAY!!! I refuse to believe it. It just ain't possible. 

Ah fuck it, who am I kidding? This is the Chicago Bears we're talking about. They don't operate that way, never have, and until there's a new ownership group at its helm, they never will. 

We all gave credit to Nagy for not losing the locker room over the last 27 games but, in spite of the 8-8 record in 2019 and prior to last night, players still had Nagy's back:

Yes, they stunk for a lot of the last two years, but they never "quit" on their coach, at least publicly or on the field. Credit to Nagy for that, truly. But after last night's debacle, we can no longer say that. The defense - one that most people would say is (was?) Super Bowl caliber - got their faces caved in last night in what seemed like an effortless game.

To me, that's the death rattle. That's the final straw in what should be a complete house cleaning from top to bottom, and when I say "top to bottom" I mean a house cleaning from the VERY top:

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But we have all seen this movie. Jokes aside, we'll get the Black Monday presser after week 17 and Ted Phillips will be spewing his once every 2-3 years bullshit, saying how pissed off Mrs. McCaskey is at the losses and how the Bears are going to find a GM, front office and coaching staff that will build a perennial winner.

Once again, time is a flat circle

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Go listen to Red Line Radio - we dropped our postgame last night. Think of it as a group therapy session for Bears fans, or an AA class of some sort.