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Wake Up With The Absolute Best Of Jim Carrey

Should be no surprise that I need a pick me up after last night's Bears game. And I'm 100% certain the same applies for everyone else in this city. Opening up 5-1 and then losing 5 straight is about as cruel as it gets for an NFL fanbase because you can't get a top draft pick, have a mountain to climb to get to the playoffs, would get absolutely smoked should you beat the 95% odds and get there, and you'll rip every single one of our hearts out along the way. I honestly don't even think the pain is over. You look at the schedule and the Bears could just as easily be 7-6 going into the Vikings week 15. In that case we'll convince ourselves there's one more push left in the 2020 Bears. That's my greatest fear. Buying in one more time. 

So while I sit here miserable, I figured no better way to get the week going than some classic Jim Carrey from the 1990's. We talk about it a lot in Barstool Chicago HQ - it's very hard to beat his run of Ace Ventura 1, Dumb & Dumber, The Mask, Ace Ventura 2, Cable Guy, Liar Liar, and Truman Show. There's a Riddler appearance and related paycheck mixed in there somewhere but for all intents and purposes those 7 movies are basically all 100mph 4-seam fastballs. Idk if people still respect that but I think you should. 

Here's nearly 12 minutes of some of his best scenes. Couldn't ask for better timing personally. In the long-run all we can do is pray for brighter days. We certainly deserve better. 

PS - Illinois basketball this Wednesday vs. Baylor. There's your pick me up fellas.m