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Danny Ainge Officially Pulled Off The Sign And Trade For Gordon Hayward

And just like that, we can conclude the Gordon Hayward chapter. 

For days we've all been waiting to hear what the fucking deal was going to be with the Celtics and Hornets. Hours and hours went by with no news of a S&T. The Hornets doing everything they could do trade Nic Batum so they wouldn't have to stretch him and add an additional $9M to their books over the next 3 years. Basically, they'd be paying Gordon Hayward $39M a year. Not great!

Then earlier today we got the news that they couldn't find a trade partner and had to waive him.

Immediately my mentions were flooding with the Ainge blew it crowd. Nobody wanted to actually remember that this didn't mean anything in terms of the S&T talks. It just meant they were going to eat the $9M. What it did tell us was that the actual S&T news was going to drop at any moment. One way or another we would know how this saga would end.

Not only did they get the massive TPE, but he also got a pick in return! For all we know it's going to be a better player. So, now that we know how everything played out, here is how it went down

Option 1:

Trade for Myles Turner and an additional asset plus a low first round pick. Be stuck with a player you don't want, on a contract you don't want to pay. No Tristan Thompson, no TPE. There was no market for Turner, so you're stuck.

Option 2:

Sign Tristan Thompson for 2 years at half the money of Turner. Get a piece to help you improve your roster for up to 1 year based on what your needs might be. Not committed long term to anything, but were able to fill holes of need in free agency. Get a pick back.

So you're telling me this offseason the Celtics addressed their areas of need and accumulated a gigantic trade piece? Sounds like maybe Danny Ainge knew what he was doing. Just so we're all clear, this doesn't guarantee anything. There's a strong chance they never even use the TPE. But we'll have to wait and see. Right now, at this moment in time, having a tool like that heading into the year if they so choose is a win. If gives you the ability to add based on what you might need at the deadline without having to send out a bunch of contracts to make the money work. That's important. They can take up until that amount, they can use it on a couple pieces if needed. You just can't combine exceptions. 


Tough day for everyone who wanted to kill Ainge for getting nothing in return for Hayward. This is why you have to wait and see how it all plays out. If they never use the TPE, then he should be dragged. But if they are able to add with it? Hard to complain.