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Rick Pitino Pulled An All-Time Power Move: Called Seton Hall And Convinced Them To Cancel Its Game Against Saint Joe's And Come Play Iona Instead

Goddamnit I say it all the time but I love that Rick Pitino is back in college basketball. Why? Shit exactly like this. The dude doesn't care. He's trying to convince everyone to push the season back because Iona was delayed with coronavirus tests and then he does this. Seton Hall and Saint Joe's booked a game last night and today they just flat out cancelled it once Pitino called them. That's a power move. That's an all-time power move in a year where guaranteed games on the calendar matter. Billy Lange can't pull this move. Nope. He has to suck it up and deal with it.

Honestly I just love the speed dating play here. You sit there and hook up with who you want. Makes me miss college when one time someone looked at me. I assume it was like this. But really this is what needs to happen. If you can get a game, you get a fucking game. We need to get to 25 games per team and this is how we get there. I actually hope we get this Connecticut bubble all year. Just leave it open and see how many teams we can get there. Have it as like Bachelor in Paradise where all the leftover teams go there.