Second Escaped Prison Convict Shot And Apprehended

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Job well done! And if we’re being totally honest here I have to admit my first reaction was, nice, they captured him alive and can now get his full story, this is going to make a fucking awesome movie. Is that bad? Should I feel bad? I don’t think so right? Hell I may even read a book about this and I NEVER read books. This may be a scumbag felon but escaping prison and evading the police for over 3 weeks in 2015 is a hell of a story.




Also love that Dog and Beth showed up to the hospital. Did they themselves catch David Sweat? No, but they’d be happy to answer any questions you want to ask. Veteran of the game right there. Kind of think the ATF and FBI should let Dog into the hospital room so he can mace a wounded David Sweat in the face just for show. Feel like that’s only right.


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