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The Week 12 Good Juju Song To Play While Setting Your Fantasy Football Lineup™ Is...

Open your fantasy team on your phone or another tab, click Play on the video above, and let the good juju flow into your roster as you set your lineup

Gonna need a lot of good juju today if your lineups have been as ravaged by injury and covid shit as mine or if you played against Will Fuller or Antonio Gibson on Thanksgiving like I did as well. So we are throwing out a song that instantly makes everyone with a soul smile because it may be the greatest song ever sung and hope the juju carries us through the day with playoffs right around the corner.

Now we pray to our fantasy football goddess, Jenny from The League:

Now here is your Clem Island Celebrate And Gamble Responsibly 6 Pack Of The Week:

Giphy Images.

All lines via the wonderful, awesome, to be quite honest fucking beautiful Barstool Sportsbook app. Download today!

Giants -6

Titans -3

Patriots +1.5 

Chargers +4.5 (This pick was Saints -5.5 before it went up to Saints - A Million because the Broncos don't have a QB)

Chiefs -3.5

Seahawks -6

Giphy Images.

Best of luck to everyones fantasy teams and picks today!