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ARod Got Thrown At So CC Tried To Kill Everyone

If the video doesn’t work, click here.

It was an up and down game today, with the starting pitching getting knocked around, but the bats and bullpen were able to bail Tanaka out. Having Tanaka throw a gem would have been great to see, but I’ll take a team win where one piece of the team doesn’t have to carry everyone.

Another important thing today was seeing some fire out of CC when Brett Oberholtzer threw at Arod, after giving up 2 home runs in the first two innings. CC clearly isn’t what he used to be on the field but with Jeter retired, this team needs and emotional leader. Jeter wouldn’t have been the guy running out of the dugout, but this gives the rest of the team a place to look when shit hits the fan. If CC can’t deliver on the mound, he can still contribute by making sure everyone knows which direction they’re headed.

A nice bench clearing brawl would probably pull this team together for the 2nd half. Who is going to be the Graeme Lloyd and come out of the pen looking for blood?