Ayo Dosunmu Is Absolutely Unstoppable As The Illini Improve To 3-0

I'll be brief because I know there's merch to sling and beers to crush and all that shit. But honestly guys I need to start warming you up to the Illini basketball team. I can't come out running full court sprints in your face Friday after Thanksgiving. You guys already think I'm pretty fucking crazy and I don't see pushing that narrative around my Illini. Not yet at least. Not until we have a chance next Wednesday to rip Baylor's heart out of its godforsaken collective chest. Those guys are fucking cheaters. You want recruiting violations? Go to Waco. 

But we're not there yet. That's next Wednesday. For now I want to buy Ayo a beef because that dude literally doesn't lose. I mean 7 seconds left in a game with the opportunity to ruin my weekend and I honestly wasn't even nervous. I think that's the sign of an amazing team. They're so good it's impacting the very fabric of my sports' fan DNA. It's rare to cheer for a team that transcends that boundary but here we are with the 2020 Fighting Illini.

In other news, Kofi looked like he wanted the ball so goddamn bad today and we love that. The man is so big and strong and ferocious. It's going to be hard up front to get him flowing with the 4 perimeter starters but honestly my favorite thing about a Final 4 run is that he is the strongest meanest and most intimidating man in the country. Send disagreements to Bobby Reags. 

What else: 

- Ayo going for 27/7/8 was kind of a yawn fest and he went for 27/7/8. It comes so naturally, like you're watching an NBA game. His fluidity is so advanced that even guys like me notice it 

- Every amazing college basketball team has a guy like Trent Frazier. You expect nothing but same time everything from him. He's been here since 1994. He's lefty and takes charges. Gotta love that combo. 

- Pound for pound it is BY FAR the deepest team since 2005. There's 9 guys that can play and move the ball. That's an unbelievable change of pace from when they absolutely fucking sucked. Find me a weakness. 

- Outside shooting. Admittedly that's the lone weakness and not even that - it's jut not as much of a drastic strength as the rest of the squad. 

- Brad Underwood will be on Red Line Radio this week to talk about the squad and his season prediction. No spoilers but he's extremely sweet. 

PS - Go Buy some Barstool Chicago merch so I don't get fired