College Hoops Gets Its First Major Upset Of The Year - Down Goes No. 4 Virginia And Its Completely Dogshit Offense

There it is. It was only a matter of time for us to get our first major upset in college hoops. San Francisco lost as a fairly heavy favorite to UMass-Lowell just two days ago. Now they beat Virginia in a game that was close the entire time. Credit to San Francisco and Todd Golden, who is just 35 years old as the head coach of USF. But this says a lot about Virginia. I'm not going to overreact and freak out because of one game, but this is why I thought Virginia was more a backend top-10 team vs a top-5 team like so many others. First, there are serious flaws. They went 1-for-16 for a stretch in the first half. That can't happen. They don't have a guy that can just get the ball and go. Kihei Clark isn't that guy. Sam Hauser isn't that guy, although he is a good scorer. Jay Huff isn't that guy. Trey Murphy isn't there yet. At some point they need someone to turn into a guy that they can give the ball to and say go get us a bucket. Then in the second half they got beat  defensively, which is rare for Virginia. They were getting lost on rotations. That's part of having these new guys out there. 

Virginia actually had a clean look to win at the end. Hauser had a clean look. But they shot like shit and that's where Virginia can struggle. I don't even care about the slow pace, but if you don't shoot well during a game with limited possessions it can lead to this. That's why people lose their shit about Virginia. It makes them susceptible for a loss when they don't have pros like Ty Jerome, DeAndre Hunter, Kyle Guy, etc. They want to run blocker mover or ball screen continuity. They really need someone like Morsell or Murphy to turn into a guy that can attack off the bounce with it.