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Was The Cowboys' Fake Punt Worse Than The Colts' Fake Punt?


I promise I'm not trying to be a prisoner of the moment right now. I genuinely think this fake punt was substantially worse than the infamous Colts fuck up for a couple of reasons. For starters, the Colts were not supposed to snap the ball. That was never part of the plan. Just line up normal, shift, if the Patriots get super confused MAYBE snap it but mostly just take the delay of game and let's get Griff Whalen home in one piece. The Cowboys were always snapping this ball and running this terrible play that never worked not even a little bit. Secondly, and most importantly, the Colts were never winning that game. There was nothing they could do. Yes I understand it was a one possession game at the game, that's completely irrelevant. The Colts were never beating the Patriots that day. 

THIS GAME? The Cowboys are playing for first place! This very game could be the reason one of these teams wins the putrid NFC East. Mike McCarthy wasn't smashing watermelons with Dalvin Cook's face on them last week for this kind of nonsense to be happening on his own 20 yard line. Yet, here we are. Very next play and the game is out of reach. It was 20-16! The opposing quarterback walks like a bruised and battered pirate. This game was sitting there for the Cowboys to take it and they elected to hand it directly to the Football Team. In their own building. On Thanksgiving no less!