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Bob Huggins With An All-Time #BasketballGuy Move: Moment He Saw Tennessee Couldn't Play Gonzaga, He Called ESPN And Demanded WVU Gets The Open Spot

Goddamn Huggy Bear! Just the best. A guy who truly takes any time, any team, any place. I assume he was just hanging out, drinking a little, maybe smoking a cigar when he saw the bottom line. It felt like the 90s. You know what I'm talking about. Back when the 90s didn't have the Internet and if you wanted to see a score you just stared at the ticker until it came up again. He saw that, put down his Montgomery Inn and screamed for a phone. I assume Bob doesn't have a cell phone. He 100% seems like a guy that uses a landline on the wall and that makes him even better. Calls up ESPN

'We're in.'

'Bob, what are you talking about? We have to check.'

'We're in.' 

And it works. Now we get WVU vs  Gonzaga right after they get done playing in South Dakota. This is what we need. We need more of this. We need more guys that are willing to go play and give us games to watch all the time. Part of the problem with the college hoops nonconference is we go from a loaded week of games to a bunch of buy-games. Well this year we're not getting buy-games because no one has fans to get the money to pay the opponents (hence the buy game name). 

Bobby Huggins. The man loves ice cream, food, a good beer (guessing here), Barstool and playing games. Can't wait for that game.