DeAndre Hopkins Wants Every Texans Fan, Employee, And Player To Have A Miserable Thanksgiving

Today's a day people like to express gratitude. It's a day of cheer, with an abundance of good tidings now and on the horizon. But those well-wishes and thank yous don't have to be well intentioned. Quite the contrary, as Nuk Hopkins points out. You can be genuinely appreciative while dropping an atomic bomb on an entire organization and individuals alike. Bill O'Brien? Yeah you still stink, bro. David Johnson? Buddy, he doesn't even remember your name. Nuk's sitting at home, watching this turnover infested football game like the rest of the country, when a sudden cold shiver shook down his spine as he remembered he once played for one of these teams. Texans fans are in the mud, just trying to scrape and claw their way back into the playoff picture with a winnable game against the Lions, and their ex just posted a picture laying out on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. I don't know how I would handle Mookie Betts constantly bragging and boasting his successes with the Dodgers in my face, but if he was constantly trolling the Red Sox for being mismanaged poors I imagine I wouldn't much appreciate it. Let me wallow on my own, this flame needs no excess fuel. 

DeAndre Hopkins disagrees. Perpetual hatred. His foot is never leaving the Texans' throat. It's petty. It's untoward. It's a perfect reimagining of a traditional thank you. Thank you, Arizona, for saving me from this heaping pile of enflamed garbage. Which garbage you ask? The thing on tv everyone in the country is currently watching. Yes, that.