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Love The Move By 5-Star Joshua Christopher To Hit The Smelling Salts To Get Jacked Up Before His First College Game

Who said anything about a slow start for a 5-star and one of the highest recruits ever for Arizona State? Nope, Joshua Christopher is a genius. You smash some smelling salts before you get ready to play URI. Plus having the trainer hold it up for you? That's how you know you're the 5-star. A 4-star, you might get help. A 3-star? Crack that shit open yourself. As I'm writing this Arizona State is up double digits and URI has just 16 points in the first 10 minutes plus. You gotta stay entertained and locked in when you're a 5-star. How many times do we see teams with loaded young guys play down to the talent? 

Listen, I'm thinking it. You're thinking it. Next game Bobby Hurley better be hitting the smelling salt. We need the Hurley's on smelling salts. We don't ask for much, but we need that. They are lunatics already, I just need them to get even more Adam Gase eyes as they lose their shit.