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Remembering The Time Maradona Started Throwing Knees In The Middle Of A Brawl While He Was At Barca

I didn't understand the true power of Maradona until I watched the HBO doc on him during the quarantine. The man was a legend throughout the world to the point non-soccer fans can't understand. As Mikey Podcasts (head of audio at Barstool Sports) pointed out in the tweet above, not only was Maradona a phenomenon but also was the ultimate dudes rock soccer player to ever exist.

It's hard to put into words how massive the guy was throughout the world. They filled up a whole damn stadium when he was introduced as a new member of Napoli.

One of my favorite sports photos ever is him walking out to that stadium full of fans, just waiting to see him:

He went to Napoli after his time at Barca, that didn't necessarily go to plan. It included this brawl.

If you need any further proof that Maradona was the ultimate dudes rock soccer player, that's the evidence. Look at him out there, just sending out flying knees to the other team like he was playing in a Sunday League:

Can you imagine Lebron doing this? Of course not. What about Ronaldo or Messi? Absolutely not. They'd let the other guys do the fighting as a few other guys hold them back, but Maradona was sending out flying knees and then going around looking for MORE. Refreshing to see when we live in the "ho, ho, HOLD ME BACK" sports world. 

The celebration of Maradona's life throughout the world today has been amazing to watch. You can see how much the man meant to the world's #1 sport.

I'd really recommend to anyone that wants to learn more about Maradona to watch the HBO doc. It's fascinating beyond just Maradona, as it dives into the divide between northern/southern Italy and other geopolitical topics. You'll also learn about Maradona almost defying what the human body is capable of during his party/cocaine years.