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Thanksgiving Is Canceled: The Ravens-Steelers Game Is Being Moved To Sunday

Well this stinks for just about everyone involved. We've grown accustomed to getting that 3rd Thanksgiving game over the past decade or so where we're not locked into watching the Lions or Cowboys, which usually makes it the best of the batch. Ravens-Steelers was going to be no different. Undefeated team against their biggest rival. 

But COVID struck yet again. It had to be done. The turnaround from the growing number of positive tests from Monday morning was too quick for the league to get their arms around it. You know the situation is bad if the shield is giving up a primetime game of this magnitude. I'm no doctor but they've consulted with medical experts and it would appear that their hands were tied. I can't believe I'm actually about to say this but the NFL did not take the easy way out.

What I'm already sick of hearing about is the griping from the Steelers themselves. 


There are no winners here. The Steelers were on the verge of being the massive beneficiary of facing a depleted Ravens team tomorrow. That would have been a huge break for them and hell, they very likely still will still get that benefit on Sunday. You're mad because you didn't get the break you thought you might? What's fair about that to the Ravens? You can try to fault them for getting positive tests but there's positive tests everywhere. This disease moves in mysterious ways. The next person with answers would be the first.

Everyone is bummed about not having this game tomorrow. It sucks. It absolutely sucks. But these two teams will still play on Sunday and the deck will still be stacked against the Ravens. See you all then.