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Have To Respect Chris Martin From Coldplay For Upgrading From Gwyneth Paltrow To The Star of The Fappening Jennifer Lawrence

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Daily Mail - Although their relationship was only revealed last month, it was recently reported that Chris Martin has fallen in love with Jennifer Lawrence. And the romance is definitely heating up, as these first pictures of the new couple together since they started dating show. Chris, 37 and 24-year-old Jennifer were spotted stepping off a private jet together in Van Nuys in Los Angeles on Saturday, looking very much like a couple who have been together for some time. This is the first time the father of two and his Hunger Games star girlfriend have been seen together since their romance was reported in April. Jennifer and Chris’ relationship was revealed in August but they first sparked rumours they were dating after they were spotted in deep conversation at the after-party for Coldplay’s Royal Albert Hall gig in London on July 1. They reportedly spent the following weeks texting each other. Chris – who has daughter, Apple, 10, and son, Moses, eight, with Gwyneth Paltrow – is reportedly so smitten with Jennifer that he has been writing songs for her.


No shit he’s “smitten”. That’s what happens when a girl sends you 100 pictures knuckle deep in herself- you get smitten. They truly are the perfect match. Made for each other. There’s nothing she likes doing more than taking off her clothes and firing out pictures of her mammaries. Evidence shows that’s her favorite downtime activity. Some of us watch TV, some of us get swole at the gym, she sticks a finger in her cooter and snaps a picture. And then Chris Martin. He likes singing songs, banging away on his piano, and ignoring his kids. So he flies her in on the jet, she takes selfies in the jet’s bathroom, and then he gets to sing songs to her while she fingers herself. So really, good for him for the upgrade. Paltrow is a Grade A cunthead who would rather eat vegetables, and JLaw is a Grade A freak who sees how far up she can get the vegetables. Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence- really the most romantic love story of our time.