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It's Unbelievable How Good RG3 Was In The 2012 Thanksgiving Game Vs The Cowboys


God he was INSANE. So talented. People might remember him as a runner, but hi arm strength and accuracy were second to none. He was SO FUCKING GOOD. His ball placement, the way he could lead a receiver to the right spot, his pocket awareness, all of it. He played with such confidence, such poise, and such great instincts, it sucks thinking about what could have been. RG3 had it all.

It's so sad thinking about that glimmer of hope we had in 2012 and what's transpired since. The Dan Snyder Curse is real. There's no doubt in my mind that it's real. 

We're not losing tomorrow, by the way. Not a chance. First place on the line with the ball in Alex Smith's hand, I like our chances.