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Any Time You Can Draft A Guy Who Has MISSED Jump Shots In His Highlight Reel, You Have To Do It


Note-This blog was supposed to publish at about 845 this morning.



Can not get enough of Satnam Singh Bhamara. Feits posted his foot work back when the site worked (does the site even work right now?) but he didn’t include this. The greatest highlight tape of all time.





With MISSED jump shots.




In a word, electric. I don’t care what the scouts say, I don’t care what your measurables are, if you have the balls to be so bad that your highlight tape has misses on it and still declare for the NBA Draft I’m drafting you 100 out of 100 times. It makes no sense and that’s why it makes perfect sense. I am officially a Satnam fan for life.





Loved ESPN showing his highlights from a rec league game where not only is everyone a foot shorter than him but they flat out don’t play defense. What a finish, just ask the guy who was literally sleeping under the basket in the stands, only to be woken up by a thunderous jam.