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Comedy Central Will Be Streaming A 42-Day Marathon Of The Daily Show During The Month Of July

(the media gallery isn’t working on the site because LOL so just imagine a picture of Jon Stewart up there)



The Verge- Comedy Central will stream every episode of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show ever made. That’s more than 2,000 episodes of pithy political commentary, winding interviews, and hundreds of jokes made at the expense of those in power. Comedy Central is calling the marathon Your Month of Zen — a nod to Stewart’s recurring segment Moment of Zen — and will begin with Stewart’s first day behind the big shiny desk in 1999. It’ll probably be worth it to watch at least the first few episodes, if only to see how the show has changed in its more than 15 years on the air. Something else to keep in mind: four presidential elections have taken place in the US since The Daily Show started, and why wouldn’t you want to revisit old media coverage of those elections? The marathon begins tomorrow at 12PM ET



Well it looks like July just became the laziest month in history. My boss will be soaking up the sun in Nantucket and I’ll be glued to my laptop watching old episodes of The Daily Show. Hell, I might watch them all.  Portnoy won’t notice. I’ll make it a month-long event. No shower, no changing clothes, ordering nothing but take out, throw up a few blogs and just watch Jon Stewart. This is actually a super cool thing they’re doing. Just running the episodes non-stop, back to back to back. Remember when The Simpsons did this? I wasn’t sure it was going to work but then it totally did. You could hop in whenever you wanted and hop out whenever you wanted.  I’ve been watching The Daily Show for a few years now but I didn’t get to see hi early early stuff when he first took over for Craig Kilbourne.  This will be a cool way to see some of those episode when Stewart’s show first launched.  And yes, the fact that they’re running a marathon of Daily Show’s means we’re nearing the end and that makes me sad.  Just gonna try and forget about that for now though.



If this interest you, here’s the link for the stream.  Starts at midnight.