RIP To David Maas, One Of The Best Halftime Acts Of All Time

Man, this news sucks. There are a lot of great basketball halftime acts, whether you're a Red Panda fan or maybe you enjoy the Bucket Drummer guy, for my money Quick Change is the best of the bunch. It makes no sense how they were able to pull off this act. Broke my brain every single time I saw it at the Garden. 

The best part is nobody, and I mean nobody, has any idea what the secret is. It didn't matter how many times they were asked, or what type of media person it was asking, nobody ever was told. That's awesome. Part of me hopes we never find out what the secret is. Quick Change is one of those things that needs to be a mystery forever. 

I know personally that whenever I saw that Quick Change was going to be the halftime act, there was no chance I was leaving my seat. I'd rather piss my pants than miss that routine. Even though I've seen it a million times, it was must watch stuff every single time. Nothing breaks my brain more than Quick Change. Even when Red Panda catches the final bowl on her head without dropping any, that still doesn't compare to Quick Change for me. It's so simple, yet so impossible.

So RIP to another legend who was taken too soon. One of the best acts to ever do it.