It's Tuesday and Dabo Swinney Is STILL Crying About Clemson's Canceled Game at Florida State Last Week

This guy just won't shut up. After Clemson's game at Florida State was postponed Saturday morning following a positive test from a Clemson offensive lineman — who had been practicing with the team all week — Dabo Swinney has been on a war path, essentially claiming FSU was ducking the Tigers.

You can get caught up on the entire situation here:

And despite the fact that it was Clemson which traveled to Florida with a player who tested positive and the Seminoles who are the team trying to reschedule a game they might very well lose by 60 points, Swinney is still running with his nonsense narrative and trying to get off any shots he can. Clemson has a game against Pittsburgh this Saturday that I'm not even sure Swinney is aware of because he just won't stop whining about Florida State.

There truly is not a worse person in college football than this guy. He goes around talking about Jesus and little ole Clemson — what an underdog story with its $127 million in athletics revenue last year — and then takes any opportunity to show his ass and runs with it. He's just the worst.

Nobody embodies the word "triggered" better than Dabo Swinney. He's built a football program that only one or two other teams in the country even have a chance of beating and he still spends four days crying to the media about something that isn't even true and was his team's fault. This guy stinks.