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This NFL Coach Of The Year Poll Shows That 86.3% Of People On Earth Are Morons

I'll be honest with you guys…..when I clicked on Kevin Stefanski's name to vote in this poll, I thought the results were going to pop up and show that 99% of people voted for him. No joke, I thought there was a better chance that Kevin Stefanski was a unanimous selection in a Twitter poll than the results I'm seeing right now. You're telling me that of the 29,355 people that voted, TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE thought someone other than Kevin Stefanski would win Coach of the Year if the season ended today?

Uhh, no disrespect to people with vision impairments, but are the people that saw this on their Twitter timeline blind?

Are we on the same page that Kevin Stefanski is about to bring the CLEVELAND BROWNS to the PLAYOFFS for the first time since 2002? I don't care if the Steelers go 19-0 and win the Super Bowl by a hundred points, the Steelers are always good. Ten playoff appearances since the Browns last one. They've been to three Super Bowls in that time span. Give Mike Tomlin the Coach of the Decade if you want, but to think that HE should win Coach of the Year this season is simply ridiculous. The fact that 41% of eligible voters chose Mike Tomlin is scary, but the fact that 86.3% of eligible voters chose someone other than Kevin Stefanski is downright frightening. Forget politics or covid or murder hornets or anything else. If more than 3/4ths of the inhabitants of this Earth think someone else should win this award this year, we're all screwed.

Okay, I'll try to stop ranting for a second. I'm going to give you all a list of names. See if you guys can come up with what they have in common.

Butch Davis, Terry Robiskie, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Pat Shurmur, Rod Chudzinksi, Mike Pettine, Hue Jackson, Gregg Williams, Freddie Kitchens

If you guessed "Head Coaches of the Cleveland Browns since their last playoff appearance" then you'd be correct! Guys, the Browns have swung and missed on 10 straight coaches / interim coaches. They FINALLY hit. And honestly, they hit the nail on the god damn head. The fact that this guy has navigated through the personalities like Baker and OBJ, paired with covid and like two weeks of training camp, an injury to our superstar wide receiver, and the coronavirus keeping Myles Garrett out for the last couple weeks…..all while turning in a 7-3 record! I mean, I'm not sure if Coach of the Year is enough of an award for his performance. And we've got people voting for JON GRUDEN AND BRIAN FLORES?

Guys, this isn't the Most Mediocre Team Award. If it was, I'd say the Raiders and Dolphins should both be front runners. Potentially co-champions. But this award goes to the coach of the team that has done the best job, and in my eyes, outperformed expectations. Aka….Coaching. And that's without question Kevin Stefanski of the Cleveland Browns. I'm ashamed to be sharing the same planet as 86.3% of you.