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This New Anthony Davis Contract Speculation Is Absolutely Terrifying

OK, even if you think most of what Windy throws out there is nothing but complete bullshit, admit that hearing that video made you pause for a second. We all know AD is going to sign his extension with the Lakers at some point, so why wait? Well, seeing what Giannis does in terms of his supermax (which he can sign at any time now) is a pretty good reason. If he doesn't take it, obviously everyone is going to do their best to try and create as much cap space as possible which is why AD's contract is important. 

Here's the only thing that throws a wrench in this Windy speculation. Even if he takes the 1+1, based on what I've read they still won't have the space to bring him in. They would have to do an in season trade at the deadline and then use Giannis' Bird Rights to sign him to an extension next offseason. At least that's how it's currently understood. As we've learned, if a team needs to open up space, they'll find a way. Clown on the Lakers if you want, but we also have to give Rob Pelinka some credit with what he's done since he took over. I mean the guy did win a title and has found ways to make contracts work. 

So let's play this game. If Giannis joins LeBron and Anthony Davis with the Lakers, does he get the KD treatment? Sure they might not be the 73-9 superteam, but he'd basically be joining two top 5 players in the league so to me it's the same shit. Would be instantly become the villain the same way KD did? Going from the small market Bucks to be big bad Lakers would have to rub some people the wrong way right.

His brother is on the roster, it'd be his best chance for a title. If Giannis doesn't give a shit how he was perceived or if people would discredit his rings like they do to KD, I can't say we should rule it out. I mean in the most important offseason in Bucks history they gave Giannis an expiring Jrue Holiday, Bobby Portis and DJ Augustin. That's supposed to keep Giannis around. 

If this does happen, the Lakers have an AD/Giannis pairing for the post LeBron world. For all we know this could extend LeBron's career another 3-5 years too. Sort of like what the Celts were hoping to do with Larry Bird and Len Bias. If you bring in Giannis then LeBron can lighten his workload as he continues to get older. 

Look, do I think this is happening? No. But 85% of that is the fear talking. There's a reason AD hasn't signed on the dotted line yet and I can't think of any other reason why other than Giannis' pending contract situation.