Check Out This 46-Year Old Mom Who Claims "She's Aging Backwards"

Star- A mum has stunned the internet with her youthful looks.

Alicia Schoroth, 46, from Ontario, Canada, has revealed her secrets to reversing the aging process.

But things haven't always been this way for the fitness coach.

As a child, Alicia was always overweight and struggled with eating disorders throughout her teens.

When she was 26, the mum got her wake-up call when her dad tragically passed away due to complications with diabetes.

She signed up for a gym and started to develop a passion for health and exercise well into her 30s.

Then at the age of 42, Alicia registered for her first fitness competition.

"I am so proud that today, at 46, I feel and look my best. I'm strong and have so much energy. I also feel my healthy lifestyle has put the brakes on aging. And I'm so proud that I can be a positive example to women over 40 to show that age is irrelevant and anything is possible."

The mum trains five times a week, lifting heavy weights and also incorporating high intensity training with cardio in her regime.

Is this woman the female Tom Brady? 

Allow me to compare-




The defense rests your honor.

p.s.- hey lady if you're on the TB12 method just come out and say it. No need to chalk it up to being the female Benjamin Button and piss everybody off.