Sharks Have Pretty Much Taken Back Ocean City From The People At This Point


Oh that’s cool…but wait… there’s more.


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.19.02 PM

Absolute debauchery in OCMD. As I said yesterday, where there’s one shark, there are many more sharks. We’re all distracted by a flag being taken off of buildings while sharks are sneaking in through the back door and raping our women and stealing our children. They’re taking back the oceans from us right under our noses. Fuck you, sharks. This is America. We put our tubby asses in the water and shouldn’t have to worry about being dinner. That’s not how being at the top of the food chain works. But up and down the east coast, sharks have aligned to declare war on us the humans. If we have to nuke them we’ll nuke them. Just keep your head’s up over July 4th week. Don’t want to be the next victim of these savages.