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Greg Norman Casually Has A Piece Of Lumber Swinging Between His Legs

THE SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg fucking Norman with a BIG TIME dick on him.  Just casually strolling down the beach with his pup by his side and his third leg hanging freely. Not to mention he's fucking shredded with an 8-pack, which would usually be the main focus, but the headline here is the hammer. And you know for a fact that Greg knew what he was doing with that picture. Act like it's a normal post about a normal day on the beach and don't mention the dick outline but know it's gonna make waves and it did. Literally every comment under the picture on instagram is like HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

By the way, if for some very strange reason you had come up to me and asked, "Do you think Greg Norman has a big dick or a small dick?" my immediate answer would be big dick for sure. Greg Norman might have the most Big Dick Energy of anyone I've ever met so I'm not surprised by this. We interviewed him a couple years ago for Fore Play and the guy is the ultimate big dick alpha. Cool, calm, collected and cocky (no pun intended) but in a super cool guy way. I remember we asked when was the time he was the most nervous on a golf course and his answer was basically "Never." The only way you have that type of confidence at all times is knowing your dick is larger than 99.9% of the male population. Greg Norman is as cool as cool gets so it's no surprise he's got a piece of lumber swinging between his knees. What a legend.