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Welcome To The New Normal: ASU Is Refusing To Play In The Same Event As Baylor, But Still Might Show Up To Play Games At Bubbleville

I legit feel like Charlie explaining the mail to Mac when it comes to the college basketball schedule this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm full positive vibes only since we still have games in less than 48 hours including San Francisco playing at 6 am local time to get us started. That's what matters to me. But here we are and shit is all over the place. It started when Scott Drew announced he tested positive for coronavirus: 

Now it's worth noting that the entire team tested negative and he believes he caught it at home: 

Now that we have the backstory let's fast forward to Wednesday. One of the highlights of opening night was supposed to be Arizona State vs Baylor. Two ranked teams playing each other with the winner getting the winner of Nova/Boston College. Assuming that was Nova, we would have had another ridiculously good game on Thanksgiving. This was all taking place at the Mohegan Sun in Bubbleville. 

Now? Well Baylor is still showing up to play: 

We have no idea who the fuck they are playing, but they are showing up. At the same time now Nova is debating now playing: 

Now there are rumors that Arizona State might schedule Virginia

Perfect, let's do that. If Nova drops out, put them in a game against Arizona State too. Who cares? At this point we need to go full 5-Star Camp and just post your schedule up at the gym when everyone shows up. Look for your team name, see what court number you're playing on and what time and then go about your day. That's where we pretty much are at this point. It's also just the new normal in college basketball (and all sports really) right now. Each day, we're going to wake up and talk about games scheduled. We're not going to look forward to games in the future. Shit is going to change weekly but games are happening. That's what matters. 

In less than 48 hours we have Towson vs San Francisco at 9am. It's happening