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Skip Bayless Just Stole Your Girlfriend With These Dance Moves

Irresistible. Mesmerizing. Enchanting. I mean how can you take your eyes off Skip Bayless celebrating his 3-7 Dallas Cowboys taking down Kirk Cousins and the Vikings? You simply cannot. I now understand how Ernestine's love was captured by this man. "Ernie come hold the camera again I'm going to show 'em who's boss." Those moves are unbeatable. Did you see the shoulder shrugs? Did you see them? The Bayless household must be one gigantic puddle right now. Can't even imagine what Victory Monday has in store for this man. Just going to be mocking depressed people left and right while bragging about being tied for the worst record in the NFC. Hell yeah Skip! 

Real talk, you wanna dance to Gonna Make You Sweat there's only one way to do it.