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After Posting On Twitter They'll Play Any Team Any Time Any Place, BYU Turns Down Washington's Offer To Play This Weekend

COVID-19 has dominated the college football world the past few weeks. Close to 40 games have been canceled/postponed. The already messed up season has become a skeleton of itself for many teams, so much so that the Pac-12 has changed their "no out of conference games" rule for the 2020 season.

When this news came out, I thought the biggest winner was not anybody in the Pac-12, but BYU. The independent has looked dominant so far this year, but their resume was not going to be good enough to squeeze into the CFP without a lot of help. However, a win over a team like Oregon, Washington, or USC would be massive for their resume. I joked about it on Unnecessary Roughness Twitter account:

Yesterday, BYU made this point clear. On their Twitter account they posted:

BYU's stance was clear. Any team, any time, any place.....except for Washington:


When the Pac-12 news came out, I thought that the conference's schools would avoid playing BYU. Why schedule an out of conference game against a top 10 team in a year like 2020? Turns out I was wrong. Washington stepped up and BYU didn't follow. 

Maybe there's more to this story we don't know. Bruce Feldman could be only reporting one side of the story. Right now, with the information we have, this looks bad for BYU. I wanted to see them in the CFP. Now? I don't. I'd rather see Cincinnati, a school I truly hate, but at least they wouldn't pull this.


My read on this is that BYU didn't accept Washington's offer. Washington went to Bruce Feldman, told him that BYU was afraid to play them. BYU turned around and went to Pete Thamel and said no, we want to play, but Washington is scared! Give us the contract!


We'll keep an eye on this. Hopefully, we'll have BYU-Washington later this week.