Ravens Get Muscled, Lose A Frustrating Game In OT 30-24

I'm sick. The Ravens were in complete control of that football game for the majority of the 2nd half and then they just got out-muscled late in the game. They just continue to make the same mistakes week after week. They drop passes, they commit untimely penalties, they wear down defensively when they're needed most. I'm sick of it. It's irritating as hell because they are capable of so much better of what they're putting out on the field. What's worse is that the last two weeks the opposition have beaten us at our own game. They've shoved the ball right down our throats play after play after play. The AJ Brown touchdown and Derrick Henry run were just the cherries on top.

You have to give credit to the Titans because they did their job. Ran a really well called, balanced attack on that drive to put themselves ahead and finish the game. It was good to see Lamar drive the team down into the red zone and tie the game, but we cannot shoot ourselves in the foot with the illegal formation there. That's a drive you've got to finish and get the fuck out of dodge with a W. For chrissakes, somebody has gotta get open on that 3rd and 6. Lamar bought himself about a month's time for somebody to get open for a game-winning TD and nobody could do it. We watch Russell Wilson buy that kind of time every single week and somebody gets wide open EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Somebody's gotta step up. Somebody's got to.

OT didn't go much better. Quick 3 and out and the Titans picked up right where they left off. Marched right down the field with ease and Derrick Henry closed us out. 

Maybe the story's different if we have Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams, but none of that matters. I'm sick of making excuses for this football team. The story is that the Ravens are 6-4 and they're getting bullied week in and week out. We're playing loserball and it's getting worse by the week. They better figure out something quick or else Thanksgiving is canceled. Goddamnit. Just goddamnit.