Same Shit, Different Week: The Philadelphia Eagles Are An Embarrassment Of A Football Team

That's it.  That's all she wrote.  Just end the season today.  Put everyone out of their misery.  Show some mercy, one time.

Same shit, different week.  Again, it's not exactly that the Eagles lost the game - it's HOW.  It's the same exact shit every single week.  Carson Wentz is simply - insert Frank The Tank voice - INCOMPETENT!  Again.  Week in and week out he is own worst enemy (with the exception of Doug Pederson, who seemingly does not want to see his QB succeed as evidence by his play calling).  Wentz now leads the league in INT with 14 pick.  Oh and the Eagles have given up the most sacks in the NFL with Carson possessing zero internal clock as well as continually believing it's a sin to get rid of the ball.  I repeat - Same shit.  Different week. Again, the coaching doesn't help.  Offsides galore with illegal formations mixed in for fun aside, remember that first drive when the Eagles ran the ball 95% of the snaps down the Browns dicks?  Those were fun times.  Then there's the time in the 2nd quarter where the Eagles were 3rd and 3 at the Browns 40 yard line in the rain casually running for 5+ yards a pop...but decided drop Wentz back (sacked of course).  Why not run the ball there, and if you don't get it, maybe run the ball again?  And then in another drive at the same spot run a read on 3rd n 7 with an undrafted rookie center. No idea what the hell is going on out there, but Doug's a football genius!  Just like going for 2 late in the game instead of kicking the extra point to get it within a FG!  SAME SHIT DIFFERENT WEEK!  

The defense didn't play that bad, actually, but it is difficult to win a game when your offense literally gives the other team 9 points. Whatever.  The sad thing is the 3-6-1 Eagles are still on top of the NFC East.  Personally I would LOVE to concede to Joe Judge and allow them to have the honor of getting embarrassed at home in the first round to a team that actually deserves to be in the NFL, but there's somehow still more football to lose!  We'll see ya next week in Green Bay!  Yes!!!