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Andy Dalton Is Starting Today Despite The Fact That He Cannot Taste Nor Smell And He's Still Recovering From A Concussion

The last time we saw Andy Dalton standing up under his own volition was moments prior to receiving this hit from Jon Bostic.

He seemed perfectly fine after having a veteran linebacker launch his entire body weight directly into Dalton's head bouncing it off the turf like a basketball.

And then Andy Dalton went home, sat quietly in a dark room, and caught the Rona. Has he fully recovered yet? According to Dr. Jerry Jones, he's got a clean bill of health. More than healthy enough to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. If anything you'd think Dalton's remaining senses should be at a Spider-Man level of heightened since two of the big five are out of the mix. He's going to be spotting CeeDee Lamb wide open with his new hawk eyes. He wont be able to do anything about it since even an extremely healthy, five sensed Andy Dalton is currently bad at sports, but you better believe he'll be seeing the field in 8K all afternoon, while hearing every bone crunching hit laid on him in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.