Another College Football Saturday, Another Day Of Controversial Targeting Calls

We'll start in Arkansas. A tough loss for the Razorbacks only got worse thanks to losing one of their players for the first half next week after that brutal targeting call.

What else was Catalon supposed to do here? Led with the shoulder and didn't hit the LSU WR in the head. He, also, didn't launch himself, as you can see his right foot is clearly on the ground in the photo above when he makes contact. I get that you're trying to get bad hits out of the game, but at the end of the day football is a dangerous sport. You can't eradicate everything from the game.

You know what you can take out of the game? Hits like this:

These are different conferences, so different ref crews (of course, game happened on the same day lol), but this play went uncalled? Not only was this targeting, but also a late as hell hit:

Targeting continues to be an issues in the CFB world, as it has been for a long time. I still don't understand why there aren't levels to targeting. 

Level 1 (accidental head to head contact): 15-yard penalty

Level 2: 15-yard penalty, ejection, half-game suspension for next game if it occurs in 2nd half.