Football Guys Cry Too: Army's Jeff Monken Was Brought To Tears Talking About His Seniors After Today's Game

Today was Army's senior day in West Point going up against Georgia Southern. They spotted Georgia Southern 14 points to start the game with some dumb mistakes, including the one above. 

To nobody's surprise, Army fought back to win 28-27 after a bizarre ending where Georgia Southern butchered their chance to win. 

But this blog is not about the game as much as it is about the postgame and an important message: Football Guys cry too.

Monken is one of the most underrated coaches in the country and you can tell how much coaching Army means to him. It's reflected in his players and his passion.

The service academies are one of the coolest parts of college football in my opinion. The fact the undersized players who barely are 3-stars on most recruiting services compete every season is awesome. Monken has been great for Army, as he's returned the program back to where it should be. 

I would be dumb not to end this blog by shouting out Captain Cons, who you may not have known played at Army back in the day.