Illinois Just Put Nebraska in a Bodybag Online After Destroying the Cornhuskers on the Field

Damn. After going on the road as a 16.5-point underdog and smacking Nebraska all over the field to the tune of a 41-23 win, an Illinois social media manager decided to rub a little salt in the Huskers' wounds.

Nebraska — along with Ohio State — was the loudest voice from the time the Big Ten originally canceled its fall football season to let the kids play, even looking to potentially join another conference for the 2020 season to be able to play. And all that just to get thrashed at home by Illinois. You hate to see it.

And anybody mat at that tweet can go get fucked. If you don't want opposing teams making you look like the laughingstock of college football, maybe take care of business on your home field and don't let your play make you look like the laughingstock of college football.

Shut the hell up. Nebraska sucks and we have Twitter to let people know they suck.