This Mom Frantically Trying To Rub Off Her Son's Tattoos With A Paper Towel Is Hysterical


This poor mother, something deeply engrained in her brain told her that tattoos are the devil. She literally thinks her son is now going to hell, will never get a job, and his sons will be school shooters all because he got a tattoo of a sea shell. She's trying to rub his tattoo off so hard I thought a fire was going to ignite. I've never seen someone so distraught over something so harmless. 

Also, do tattoos still have that stigma? I know they used to say if you have a tattoo that is showing to cover it up or whatever before a job interview, is that still a thing? I imagine it is with the boomers, but does our generation care? I kinda think tattoos set you apart. You're willing to take risks and be bold. I mean I don't want to see a tattoo of a Nazi or something like that, but I think this guy's tattoos are pretty harmless. 

I think the funniest/dumbest thing people say about tattoos is "think about how that's going to look when you're 80". Uhhhh, I'll be pooping in a bag when I'm 80, do you really think I'll be worried about what a tattoo looks like? I've never understood that line of thinking. Don't do something you want now because someone else might not like it in 50 years? Bizarre way to go about life.

So if you've been wanting a tattoo, go get it. Be the tattoo you want to see in the world.