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Goran Dragic Decided To Re-Sign With The Heat After Jimmy Butler Called And Threatened To Kick His Ass If He Left Miami

Honestly? This is just a brilliant move by Jimmy Butler. Tampering is hot in the streets right now in the free agency world. We're seeing Giannis get accused of tampering while also teams tampering to land Giannis. But you know what we don't hear about? Threats. Physical violence. That's why Jimmy is always a step ahead down in Miami. There's absolutely zero doubt him and Pat Riley - a man they call the Godfather - threatened the worst kind of harm to Goran Dragic if he signed somewhere else. Kinda wish we saw Jimmy Butler chase down Dragic and attempt to give him a swirly though. 

You know there's a zero percent chance Dragic or Butler are joking here. Of course Dragic doesn't want Jimmy chasing his ass. As he said Jimmy's a tough guy. We've said it before but Jimmy Butler simply hates you unless you're now a member of the Heat. Prior to that, he hated every single person that looked at him and probably threatened physical harm if they blinked first. But you see this is Miami Jimmy Butler. He actually likes - I'll go as far as loves - his teammates. He's best friends with Tyler Herro. He jokes around with Bam. He embraces Goran Dragic. 

Again, smart move by Dragic and the Heat honestly. Run it back with a team that was figuring shit out and try to keep space for making a run at someone like Giannis.