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I Can't Stop Watching This Game Winner From Michigan Tonight

Look, Michigan football may not sit atop the throne of college football greatness like they once used too, but Michigan hockey may be on their way there. The team is off to a 4-0-0 start after an opening weekend sweep of ASU, then capped off the sweep of Wisconsin tonight with a 2-1 OT win over the Badgers. They didn't just win with on any old bullshit OT winner, they scored something so pretty the ice crew in Wisco had to change their pants before coming out to clean the ice. This could even be the goal of the year, I can't get enough of it.

SUCKS there is no fans in the crowd. Would love to hear the Michigan fans chanting "HE'S A FRESHMEN" at the Wisco fans in their own barn after the Thomas Bordeleau game winner. This kid is buzzing to start the year too. The Sharks 2020 2nd round pick has 6 points in 4 games including tonights game winner. The Sharks could use some good news after the way last season went, so i'm sure they are pumped to see the Quebec native lighting up the NCAA through 4 games.

Excited to see what this team can do the rest of the way. Mel Pearson has an absolute squad this season and has been killing the recruiting game (just locked up Luke Hughes, brother of Quinn and Jack). The future of hockey in Ann Arbor is bright.