Danny Ainge Is Asking For Myles Turner And Victor Oladipo Or TJ Warren For Gordon Hayward

Alright everyone buckle in. This thing is heating up and could drop at any moment. As of now, we officially know Danny Ainge's ask for Gordon Hayward. There's certainly nothing wrong with Turner/McDermott if that's all you can get, especially if Hayward is leaving for nothing. But here's the thing, his options are getting smaller by the minute. The Hawks look like they're out. Shams is reporting he's telling the Celtics the Pacers are where he wants to go

Doesn't sound like he wants to go to the Knicks. So then Ainge goes back to the Pacers and says look, Hayward wants to go there, this is what it'll take. You only make that offer if you know Hayward is either re-signing or you trade him to IND.

Now, they could push back and somehow come to that Turner/McDermott offer. Maybe Ainge is just trying to test the Pacers to see how much they really want Hayward. 

But if you lose that IND deal and Hayward does leave for nothing and you had an offer on the table. Well then that would be a complete and utter failure