The New Miley Cyrus x Dua Lipa Record Is We Didn't Start The Fire Flames

Two of my three favorite females in pop music collaborating on an Andrew Watt track, with an A++ quasi-lesbian erotic music video =  

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Everybody's aware Miley's my girl (she had me open for her at United Center nbd) and I think Dua Lipa is the best thing to come along in pop music in years. So when Miley teased this collab back in the summer it got me all tingly and it's been on a lot of people's radars. 

She released it last night as the second single off her new album Plastic Hearts which drops next week. 

And the only thing better than the song, is the video and the marketing for it. 

Was quite the toss-up trying to decide on a thumbnail to use for this blog-

Stream the song below -