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Hey Philly, You Drinking This Scrapple Flavored Vodka?

Scrolling my Twitter today I stumbled upon this Tweet by Philadelphia Inquirer journalist Stephanie Farr & it took me & my liver aback a bit. It also reminded me of a quote from one of my favorite films:

"Your distillers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." - Dr. Ian Malcolm

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Why? Whyyyy?

From Painted Stave distilling, who's been making this vodka since 2015:

While suffering through a hungover car ride back from touring distilleries in Kentucky, we asked ourselves "What is the most Quintessential Delaware product we could make?"  It took almost no time at all to come up with Scrapple Flavored Vodka. 

Scrapple is a celebrated Delaware tradition, a breakfast staple in every diner, and goes great with a Bloody Mary.  So one day we went the store with a scrapple recipe in hand and brought back the traditional herbs and spices used to flavor scrapple, plus a package of the good stuff itself.  It all went in to the still and what come out is a savory, almost meaty vodka that is perfect for a Bloody Mary, goes great with OJ in a Scrapple Driver, and makes a mean dirty martini.

Well… What in the Cinnamon Toast Fuck is scrapple? What's the fuss all about? What's it actually made of??

Excellent questions, and seeing as I'm a blogger now would be the time to write a quick summary of all that it entrails, pardon me, entails. But I can't do that for one simple reason: I don't know, and I will never seek to find out beyond the basics of 'pig parts'. I haven't Googled it, never will & when people start to explain I cover my ears. 

On a cold, winters day or hungover on a family vacation there's nothing better than waking up to some thinly sliced, super crispy scrapple drenched in syrup. (Various ways to eat it but that's how I prefer.) I refuse to ruin that for myself with 'knowledge'. 

So knowing what I know (which is next to nothing) I'd happily try a Bloody Mary with this stuff (in less-pregnanty times). In fact one of my old favorite brews is Dogfish Head's Beer For Breakfast which also has scrapple in it. Ignorance is bliss, and so is a good drink.