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'Are We Willing To Put The Toilet Seat Down Every Time' - Bobby Hurley Just Dropped The Best Analogy For ASU As A Guy In A Relationship

Confession: I shouldn't, but I fucking love the Hurley's. Actually, I should clarify. I love the Hurley's as coaches. Bobby Hurley the player can get the fuck out of my face, no matter how good he was. He's one of the peak annoying ass Duke guards throughout the history of the sport. Both Hurley's are lunatics on the sidelines and I'd do anything to get an Arizona State vs UConn game just to see them go at it. Remember they played against each other in the NCAA Tournament before and it was apparently hell on Danny Hurley at Seton Hall. But give me the two lunatics on the sidelines losing their shit and put it as a stand alone game.

But this? This hits close to home. Every guy, hell every person, knows exactly what he's talking about here. The putting the toilet seat down every time is something that you just get used to when you live with a girl. It's a massive step when a guy remembers to do this. I think it's completely unreasonable to put a toilet seat down every time. I never understood why girls always bitch about this. Do they not look at the toilet before they sit down? You complain we don’t put the seat down when you’re the fucking ones who need it down. The world does not just start and stop at your convenience. Manage your own fucking seat. 

But this makes sense from his standpoint. Arizona State has expectations for one of the first times in a long time. They have a preseason First Team All-American in Remy Martin. They have a 5-star in Joshua Christopher joining the program. They get Alonzo Verge back, who averaged 14 per game last year. Shit, they even have Marvin Bagley's younger brother Marcus, a fringe 5-star, coming in off the bench. They are going to be able to score and have length to defend. 

Really I just need this season to go on for Bobby Hurley quotes. Whether he's losing his shit on the refs or announcers for not being positive enough during a game, you have no idea what you're going to get when he starts talking. But putting the toilet seat down? That shit is annoying.