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That Vatican Probe into the Pope's Interest in a Hot Model is Pointing Fingers at Instagram

A week ago, I brought you all the proof you needed that Pope Francis is living up to his billing as The Cool Pope when his official Instagram page liked this post by Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto. And just for the Pulitzer Committee, I'd like to add "… as first reported by Barstool Sports' Jerry Thornton":

Maybe because His Holiness and she are friends or because he supports Catholic education or what, no one has said. All we know is that Natalia appreciates his support:

And that, like Nate reported Wednesday, the Vatican has - if you'll pardon the expression because these are my words, not his - vowed to get to the bottom of it. And like any group based on the religious principles of truth, honesty, and not bearing false witness, they are putting it all on Instagram:

Daily Mail - The Vatican is demanding answers from Instagram after an embarrassing social media mishap in which the Pope's account 'liked' a racy picture of a bikini model.  …

The episode has caused hilarity online but the Vatican says it is seeking an explanation from the Facebook-owned platform, alongside an investigation at the Holy See. 

'We can exclude that the "like" came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations,' a Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian. …

Francis's account does not follow anybody on Instagram, and papal social media is managed by a team of Vatican employees. …

The picture was originally posted on Garibotto's account in early October, but it was not clear exactly when the pontiff's 'like' appeared. 

The apparent papal approval was rescinded on November 14 after the Vatican was alerted to the mistake.  

Well alrighty then. If the Vatican says neither Francis nor one of his social media staffers hit the like button on Natalia's exquisite booty photo, they neither Francis nor one of his social media staffers hit the like button. You can take that as Gospel truth. Because it's not like my church to cover up wrongdoing by its clergy or its laity. They'd never deflect blame to some other institution or hide anything. When faced with an embarrassing set of facts that makes the Church look bad, they root it out, expose it to the world and own up to it. Besides, why would anyone working in a Vatican office all day posting quotes and photos of the Pontiff be interested in a 'Gram model like this, anyway?


So it's got to be Instagram's fault. It could've happened to anyone, but it happened to Francis' account. There but for the grace of God go I. I'm glad we got that settled.