Some Kansas City Couple Bought 34 Unique Patrick Mahomes Cards, Now Trying To Sell Them For $7.5 MILLION

[Source] - One of the couple’s most-prized cards and early purchases is an autographed Gridiron Kings Gold Vinyl. It cost $275 when they bought it in 2017. Today it could go for upwards of $350,000, according to Robert.

“It’s kind of whatever someone is willing to pay for them,” Heidi said. “We know their worth.”

The Dearmitts originally posted their Mahomes card collection on eBay a year ago. It sold for $1 million, but the buyer backed out at the last minute.

Now, the asking price is even higher: $7.5 million. Their highest offer to date for the collection: $3.2 million.

Someone get Duggs on the line right now! Actually I'm about to do that. Remember those small lockers every kid had in the 90s with their favorite sports team on it? Well, mine was/is full with sports cards. They are now in my basement closet and if these guys are asking $7.5 million - I repeat 7.5 million American dollars - for these Mahomes cards, I have to have $1,000 in there. 

I honestly didn't know the card business was still worth something like this. Every time I see one of these stories it feels like some vintage card coming up. Rarely do I see a young player's card going for something like this except for the Mike Trout card. Even then it felt specific to baseball. 

Speaking of baseball cards, the Billy Ripken card should go for the record. Best card of all time 

I still don't fully understand how cards are valued. I do miss being a kid, getting a box of cards and a Beckett magazine to see one of my cards being worth like $10 and being pumped. I also don't know how you buy one of the 1-of-1 Mahomes cards for $275. If it's 1-of-1 you almost have to bet that it's going to be worth a minimum of a grand. That's just a smart investment by this couple. 

Also fuck you if you have $7 million to buy 34 cards. What do you even do with them? Put them in a case and hang it up on a wall? You can't risk doing anything to bring down the value. Seems like it's ridiculously overpriced and I like cards. But now I have to find a way to profit. Duggs, I'm coming for you.