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Troy Aikman Gave Us All The Most Important Sex Advice Ever During Last Night's Seahawks/Cardinals Game

Troy, you frisky bastard! But all things considered this is the most honest and important sex advice one can give. You know what feels great? Cumming. I'd say it's the best feeling in the world. There's a reason the term 'orgasmic' is used. You know what's the worst feeling in the world? Having to change your kid's diaper and there's shit everywhere because he had a blow out. That lasts way longer than your orgasm. Trust me. Just pull out. It doesn't matter how good it feels. You pull out 100 out of 100 times. 

I know it's stupid, but this shit always cracks me up. It's like when someone accidentally draws a dick on the teleprompter. Is it childish? Absolutely. But I'm a simple man. I like sports and I like sex and fart jokes. Sue me. Like this during the UK/Utah Valley  game. The plan was to whack off Kentucky. Gets a giggle out of me every time. 

I want Aikman to work in a line like this every time now. Make some football observation that can also be sex advice. Knock out two birds with one stone.