We Have No Choice But To Respect This Pool Player For Ripping Ass Live On TV And Immediately Blaming The Ref

(Best video in the last link) 

Just a classic fart video. Sometimes it's getting back to basics and laughing at something so stupid to get you going on a Friday. That's where I am right now. Ripping ass in an extremely quiet area and immediately blaming a ref is always going to make me laugh. Bonus points for blaming it on a ref too. Fuck refs. But what really got me was his terminology for it all after the match: 

He admitted: “I dropped my guts. I said to the ref: ‘Was that you?’ We had a laugh out there. He was in bits.

“But I am taking full ownership of that. Am I proud of that? Absolutely."

Dropped my guts is a great way to describe ripping ass. Might have to start using that one. The real internal debate here though is did he miss the shot because of said fart? Was it that stinky or did he feel that light or perhaps he felt a bit of doo doo coming out that he biffed the shot? Many people are wondering that. Feel like you need to make a shot after ripping ass and blaming it on a ref with a cheeky smile.