Italian Lamborghini Police Car Travels 300 Miles In Just Two Hours To Deliver a Kidney And Save Someone's Life


An intrepid Italian police officer got a cool task, Jalopnik reports: cover 300 miles in just two hours, while driving an official police-issued Lamborghini Huracán, to deliver a donor kidney. That’s an average speed of 143 mph, cutting a six hour journey from Rome to Padua to a mere third of its usual time.

A video uploaded by the Italy’s national police force to Twitter earlier this month shows the baby blue hypercar being loaded up with the fragile donor organ. The kidney, protected inside a cooler, had to go into the vehicle’s tiny front trunk — or, in the lingo a “frunk” — because the ten cylinder, 600 horsepower monster of an engine takes over most of the rear of the vehicle.

THIS IS AWESOME. Imagine being the cop that gets to drive a fucking lambo like this to save someone's life? That's super hero shit you only see in a movie. Legally being allowed to drive 150 mph for 2 hours straight as you race against time. I'd pretend I was Bruce Wayne the entire time. I'd fire up the Dark Knight sound track and go to work on the highways. As far as I'm concerened, this is pretty much the coolest thing a human being can do. Italy having lamborghini police cars essentially sets them atop any other country in the world. That's where taxpayers money needs to be going in the United States. Lambos for everyone. 

Now the one question I have here is...couldn't they just taken a helicopter? I guess there's a chance the hospital didn't have a helipad or that they could have gotten the chopper ready in time to cook. Just take the lambo and go as fast as humanly possible. Way cooler and way better of a story. 

How long do you last driving 150 mph consistently for 2 hours on a highway? I consider myself a fine driver, but my car is flipping at some point in that trip. At least the person who needs the kidney will have a couple to choose from.