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Our College Gaming Championship Features An Electric Cinderella Story From Montana State Named The Mop

Two weeks ago during our College Gaming Championship, an unlikely star emerged out of Montana State emerged. The previous week, General Smitty left the Montana State team out of his top 10 teams to watch list, and this kid with a bowl cut was not happy:

He returned to light the world on fire and qualified for the round of 32, before making it to last night's "Sweaty 16" (I'm not sure why they named it this, maybe it is referencing some gaming thing?).

Oh, I forgot to mention…he goes by The Mop:

This style is what I think of when I think of college kids in Montana:

During last night's stream, he had his own damn butler:

This is a smirk from the General that you know deep down he likes the kid:

You can deny eSports/gaming all you want but it's a wagon that has arrived and will continue to succeed thanks to the psychos like this fella from Montana State who came out with the victory last night:

I hope the fame doesn't get to this fella and he keeps his hair cut like this forever:

The next round is Wednesday, December 2nd. The Mop and his partner Charles will be one of the final 8 in competition. Will they be able to keep the dream alive? I'll be cheering for them.