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Klay Thompson Has, Indeed, Tore His Achilles And Will Miss A Second Consecutive Season

Two prime years of his career, gone. It really fucking sucks. I don't expect people to feel bad for the Warriors after the run they had, but this is gut wrenching for Klay. Two years away, two prime seasons ripped off the Hall of Fame resumé forever. One of the greatest shooters of all time getting threes shaved off his total after two freak injuries. He was so close to being back out on the court, in a real game, after getting hurt in the playoffs last year. The upcoming season is a shade over a month away and he suffers a much worse injury just working out getting ready to be back. 

As a basketball fan, this is TRASH. There are about 10 nights a year where Klay is the best ticket on television. 37 point quarters, more threes made than dribbles considered, sometimes it looks like he's never even seen a basketball because he ate too many edibles before tipoff, a scaffolding expert like the world has never seen before. It'll be late-2021 the earliest, if everything goes correctly, before we see him out there again. In more recent times we've heard from more and more athletes how much of a mental strain rehab can be. Being away from your teammates, the game you love, self-doubt creeping in if you'll ever truly bounce back. And that's if you're on the shelf for a season. TWO STRAIGHT? Brutal isn't the word. Again, I don't think there will be a lot of people with heavy hearts for the Warriors and the position this puts them in from a roster-mending standpoint. But for Klay and fans of good basketball, this is a dog shit way to kick off the 2020-21 season.